Our Mission

The GAA’s mission is to address sustainability, social, labour and environmental issues where the agricultural sector is seen to have a shared responsibility.

Through a co-ordinated sector level approach we will look to collaboratively improve rural livelihoods, mitigate the impact of climate change, sustainably manage natural capital, contribute to global food and nutrition security and accelerate progress towards achieving the prioritised Sustainable Development Goals (‘SDGs’).

Through network benefits, thought leadership, practical insights and effective advocacy, the Alliance will develop actionable solutions to tackle the major developmental challenges facing the global agri-business sector.

The GAA will also work with other multilateral institutions and the plural sector to be the voice of the
agri-business community.

You can download our Charter here.

Scope of Activities

Through its members, the GAA will pursue five types of activities:

Set goals and targets to be jointly undertaken by members to support sustainable development. Specific focus areas will be decided collectively by members, and could include areas such as improving water-use efficiency in agriculture, reducing post-harvest food losses, strengthening sustainable land-use practices, enhancing labour standards and improving smallholder productivity and livelihoods, among others.

Establish workgroups that provide mutual support to achieving the goals approved by the Council, maximising best practice sharing and innovation.

Develop tools and other resources that build member capacity to successfully pursue these goals.

Agree measurement and reporting methodology

Engage decision-makers to remove structural and policy barriers that prevent the agri-business sector from fully contributing to achievement of the SDGs.