Governance and Membership

As the Global Agri-business Alliance has only just launched (Thursday 15th September 2016 at the Building Sustainable Futures Forum in Singapore), the formal governance process is being agreed by the members.

One of the first actions is to elect a Governing Council from members that will co-ordinate the activities of the GAA. We will then look at how we implement the Charter. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (‘WBCSD’)
will be our interim secretariat.

The GAA will comprise four main groups as follows:

Core Members

Core Members of the GAA will be private sector participants in the agri-business sector operating across the value chain, including growers, traders, primary processors, input suppliers, and service providers (eg. logistics). Membership will be voluntary, legally non-binding and pre-competitive. The company’s CEO is the designated primary member, and can be complemented by two alternate members delegated by the CEO. Membership is open to any company in the agri-business sector that agrees
to the GAA Commitment.

GAA Affiliates

The GAA aims to pursue its work through close engagement with other stakeholders (affiliate members) in order to bring shared strengths to bear on sustainability challenges and opportunities in agri-business. The GAA Affiliates will offer a means for regular engagement with stakeholders such as consumer companies, industry associations, academia, NGOs and others interested in the work and mission of the GAA. Further specifics on the role and structure of the GAA Affiliates will be decided through consultation with stakeholders over the course of the coming year.


The GAA will have a Council consisting of CEOs of GAA core members. The Council will elect a Chair on a simple majority vote.


Members will be supported by a Secretariat which will lead an annual GAA planning cycle, organise GAA convenings, orchestrate analysis, manage GAA communications materials, and conduct other needed coordination services. After launch, founding GAA members will decide upon the legal structure of the Secretariat (eg. establish the GAA as an independent entity, house the Secretariat within a pre-existing organisation) and how the Secretariat will be funded.

GAA core members commit to:

Help shape and execute the overall GAA strategy.

Have member CEOs meet once per year, with assigned senior delegates (Chief Sustainability Officer and a senior delegate) meeting twice a year to review working group programmes.

Contribute to co-financing the operations of the GAA via an annual membership fee. The fee level will be agreed upon by the Council.

Avoid addressing transactional issues which are best left to existing industry trade bodies.