What We Do

We are focussing on four workstreams – sustainable landscapes, smallholder livelihoods, water stewardship and food loss/resource efficiency – and three objectives:

1) scale best-practice through peer-learning and knowledge-sharing;

Agri-business partnerships for sustainable landscapes

Training materials from the Alliance for Water Stewardship

2) contribute to thought leadership;

A shared role in poverty alleviation and land stewardship

Evolving rural livelihoods and the role of agri-business. The French version is available here

Building productive and sustainable landscapes and livelihoods

3) input into emerging policy.

Please see our summary Strategy and Action Plan to 2020 here.

Any questions or comments, or for further details please contact Ruth Thomas at Ruth.Thomas@globalagribusinessalliance.com



Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a common framework and universal plan of action for equitable, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable economic development. 193 UN member states adopted the 17 goals adopted in 2015 that aim to end poverty, protect the environment and promote prosperity by 2030. We have identified a selection of case-studies that

1) showcase how Global Agri-business Alliance (GAA) members are contributing to the SDGs and in doing so, identify where agribusiness can make the biggest contribution and

2) explore how the GAA’s workplan is making an additional contribution to the SDGs. This selection is not conclusive and represents ongoing work in progress to better understand, capture and scale the contribution of the GAA to the SDGs and towards a sustainable world in 2030.